How to Order

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There are several factors used by us to determine pricing for a job.

The first is when do you need it? If you are planning ahead for the next months family reunion, congratulations! You are in the minority and get the best price possible as you are allowing plenty of planning time.

Calling on Friday for a shirt needed on Sunday will be the most expensive as there is no time for use to order your stock or produce your product without incurring overtime as we normally don't work weekends.

Second, is number of shirts. One shirt costs more than 100.

Third is number of colors being printed (and yes, white and black or colors) and number of print locations.

Fourth is shirt color. The manufacturers charge more to dye a moroon, forest green, or navy shirt than to bleach a shirt white.

Then there is the art. There is a small fee to put together.But the more complex the art, the higher the fee. We will be happy to bid on anything. And, in most cases it is easier lifting a logo from a business card than recieving artwork from customers.

We are Mac. I use Illustrator and Photoshop CS2, can recieve art as JPG and PDF, and he higher the resolution the better. Typically 200dpi is best.

We have been in business since 1988. We look to build relationships and become your print solution. Let us become part of your team. You will find a PDF attached to download to see how we approach filling out an order.